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Yakin dgn kapasitas mesin 100, Dan perlu paham landasan asumsi kapasitas apakah 24 jam sehari Dan Hari sabtu minggu. Nanti korelasinya dgn biaya labor, shift Dan jumlah labour.


Perlu paham asumsi management cost Dan Manu cost yg sekitar 400jt sebulan.

Asumsi penjualan Dan demand buyer yg sesungguhnya.

Anggaran dasar Dan setoran modal..perlu Tau nilai modal disetor Dan GL company TMedia.

Siapa org accounting nya utk mulai input data.

Storage penyimpanan material and special handling.

Perlu yakin biaya labor yg benar selama Masa training.


This is test article and for android, the text editor still too small. Need to work on this, so people creating stories are more convenient. Not sure if editing article from front end is actually a good option.

first article written to test the system. Seems the font is too small for iphone 5s.


will retry with android.


need ti patch the loading issue > 5 secs

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